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Romex Engineers was established in 1965, and specializes in producing and distributing Plastic Processing machines.

Romex Engineers exercise strict quality control on parts and components during planning, design and production processes because we belive in providing "customer satisfaction " and making products thet are " built to Last". This is to assure that all parts and components provide every day care-free operation for full capacity production.

In the recent year, to accelerate industrial promotion and to satisfy increasing market demands, we have designed modern automatic equipment as well as established a small scale plastic injection molding machine production line to improve working efficiency and to provide high strength, stability, and precision products. To keep itself competitive, Romex Engineers regularly introduces new models, actively ushers in hi-tech production technology, raises the self-production rates of parts and components, embarks in the development of larger plastic injection molding machines and continues to develop new models, in order to satisfy the international market demands. In addition to expanding the market scale, we have established a wide service network to render all directional after sales service to customers, introduce quality products , and finally to complete the goal of worldwide marketing. Looking back down the road we have taken and looking forward to the future, Romex Engineers has always strived for the best service possible, and in the spirit of "sincerity, quality, innovation, service, reliance", we want to be an international company with great vision. Romex Engineers will always be the best partner of your never ending operation.

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